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biopharmx-ourapproach-1BioPharmX Corporation was created to fulfill the unmet medical needs of people worldwide. To achieve that, we take a disciplined approach to research and product development. Our scientists, researchers, marketers and other team members are mission driven, committed to producing novel treatments to cure intractable medical conditions.

biopharmx-ourapproach-2We focus exclusively on dermatological issues and women’s health. We seek to develop therapeutic products that provide unique solutions to common medical problems in these areas. Our approach is to create novel mechanisms to deliver effective treatments for persistent and often debilitating conditions.

In dermatology, for example, we are developing a unique way to deliver acne-fighting medicine topically. Today’s most effective acne medications must be ingested, risking undesirable side-effects. Topical treatments tend to be ineffective because their formulations do not deliver medication to the layer of skin where acne forms. Our developmental topical, called BPX-01, effectively delivers small amounts of antibiotic to the acne source, maximizing treatment effectiveness and reducing side-effects.

In women’s health, we are currently focused on improving breast health by treating fibrocystic breast condition, a medical problem that affects half the world’s women. The condition, which often produces breast tenderness and tissue density, can be treated with molecular iodine, which is effective but rarely found in a stable form. Our solution is Violet® iodine, a daily supplement that produces molecular iodine within the body – exactly where it can be most effective.

Both of these solutions demonstrate the power of BioPharmX’s unique combination of innovation and determination.

Caution: BPX-01 is a New Drug-Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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biopharmx-dermatology-1dermatology-iconBioPharmX aims to be a leader in its understanding of the science of the skin. Healthy skin is the first thing the world notices about an individual, young or old. As a result, BioPharmX focuses on the importance of healthy skin at all ages.



Currently in phase 2 of clinical development, BPX-01 may offer a breakthrough in acne treatment because it can deliver the antibiotic to the area of the skin where acne develops. The novel hydrophilic (non oil-based) formulation of minocycline may be more effective than other topical alternatives because they either use less effective antibiotics to penetrate the top layer of the skin or rely on higher concentrations of minocycline, which could lead to unpleasant side effects.

BPX-01 is the first and only stable hydrophilic topical gel with fully solubilized minocycline. Minocycline, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine, is the most commonly prescribed acne treatment because it has a lower resistance rate than other antibiotics. No stable form of hydrophilic topical minocycline is currently commercially available.

Preliminary animal studies indicate that minocycline delivered by the BPX-01 formulation is efficiently absorbed into the skin, reaching the epidermis and the pilosebaceous region where acne develops. The results suggest that lower doses of the antibiotic may be used to provide a treatment that is superior to higher-dose topical formulations and oral therapies.

Topical targeted formulations are preferable to oral dosing that can have, side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness that can discourage compliance. Lipophilic (oil-based) topical antibiotic products are occlusive and can compromise drug delivery. To compensate for the inefficiency, some products use less effective antibiotics while others rely on significantly higher concentrations of antibiotics. The BioPharmX research found that the hydrophilic BPX-01 formulation distributes evenly, is not sticky and does not occlude or irritate the skin, an advantage in the treatment of acne.

Caution: BPX-01 is a New Drug-Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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Women's Health

biopharmx-womens-health-1womens-health-iconFrom gynecology to breast health, women have unique and unmet health needs. BioPharmX is positioned at the forefront of addressing those needs on a global scale.


The company’s initial direct-to-consumer product, Violet iodine, is the first and only molecular iodine supplement that has been demonstrated to help alleviate the common symptoms associated with premenstrual breast discomfort and fibrocystic breast condition and promote optimal breast health. Visit to learn more.

Fibrocystic breast condition (FBC) is the generally accepted term to describe a common, benign condition that is associated with varying levels of monthly breast discomfort, including breast tenderness, aches, swelling, and heaviness. FBC is thought to be caused by hormonal imbalances, which can cause breast tissue growth to exceed its natural cell turnover and affects an estimated 50 percent of women between the ages of 15-49, or over 35 million women in America.

Daily use of Violet iodine can help normalize these imbalances and address the underlying causes of fibrocystic breast condition, thereby alleviating symptoms that vary in severity from general soreness to clinically diagnosed FBC.

BioPharmX is currently evaluating partnerships for the international commercialization of Violet iodine. Please contact should you have interest in the distribution of Violet iodine outside of the United States.



BPX-03 is an oral molecular iodine (I2) treatment for moderate to severe breast pain associated with FBC and cyclic mastalgia. It is currently phase 3-ready, with regulatory filings in progress.

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