HyantX™ Delivery System

BioPharmX has developed the HyantX™ delivery system, a novel anhydrous topical delivery system for hydrophilic molecules. The HyantX system is designed to stabilize and solubilize hydrophilic molecules in an anhydrous gel environment. This delivery system is being developed to carry a variety of active ingredients – and even combinations of actives – into the skin.  Research has shown the delivery system may allow for maximum solubility for multiple actives, which is intended to lead to enhanced skin penetration and increased efficacy and tolerability, has antibacterial properties, and hydrates the skin, making the delivery system a valuable asset in pipeline development and strategic partnering.

The first molecule being developed using this delivery system is minocycline for both acne and rosacea indications. Minocycline was selected as the first API as it is the most commonly prescribed oral antibiotic for the treatment of these conditions due to its high effectiveness, anti-inflammatory properties, and relatively low antibiotic resistance rate.