BioPharmX is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the dermatology market. The company’s focus is to develop products that treat chronic dermatologic conditions that are not being adequately addressed or those where current therapies and approaches are suboptimal.

Our strategy is to bring new products to market by identifying optimal delivery mechanisms and/or alternative applications for FDA-approved or well characterized active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We aim to reduce the time, cost, and risk profile typically associated with new product development by utilizing active ingredients with demonstrated safety profiles and taking advantage of the expedited regulatory pathways, such as Section 505(b)(2) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

We deploy a market-driven approach to identify the limitations of current treatment options and work to develop products that may address these limitations in areas of efficacy, safety, and/or patient experience.


BioPharmX recognizes the importance of partnering with other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, researchers and inventors to create unique drug delivery products. If you have interest in collaborating with the company, please contact our corporate development team at